Episode 10: The secret of the Jade Dwarves.

Synopsis: Flot and his new friends are introduced to the Jade Dwarves, what secrets are they hiding from the surface world?

Episode 9: Glory to the dwarven king.

Synopsis: The deeper they go underground the deeper the mystery.  What glories were left to the dwarven king and what secrets has Flot been guarding for all these years?

Episode 8: The attack of the Hoof Wolves

Synopsis: The weather turns rough and the party is hunted by the deadly hoof wolves of the mountains.  Will the metallic stranger be any help in saving them from death by digestion?

Episode 7: A room with a Mushroom. (Part 2)

Synopsis: The second half of the exciting low level fetch quest, what surprises does it hold?

Episode 6: A room with a Mushroom. (Part 1)

Synopsis: With the clock ticking to save the infected villagers, the party begins their quest to find the only known cure.

Episode 5: A day and night on the town.

Synopsis: Insurance fraud to death threats, the party travels all around town discovering just how much trouble one little box can cause.

Episode 4: The Temple of Pelor

Synopsis: With a wagon full of hopes, dreams, and corpses.  The part decided to seek help at the local temple.


Episode 3: “Were” did we leave off?

Synopsis: The delve into the sewers goes deeper, as the search for the box continues.  Who took the “Desruc Box” and more importantly what is inside?

Episode 2: The Sewers of Friendship

Synopsis: After the cliffhanger end of the chase, we find out that the story continues into the sewers.  What friends and foes will be discovered under the streets of West Coral?

Episode 1: The Auction of the Desruc Box

Synopsis: In the first episode we hit the ground running.  New characters with players new to 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons.  The story opens at auction of mysterious artifacts, and when the prized “Descruc Box” goes onto the block, things get out of hand.